Know Your Rights

These rights apply to all workers - regardless of immigration status (unless otherwise stated).

Download the Know Your Rights leaflet as a printable, full color, file.

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  1. Talk to your supervisor regarding any abuses or concerns and, if unsuccessful, his or her supervisor. To better protect yourself, bring a co-worker with you.
  2. Document every abuse as best you can: take notes, keep written track of dates, speak with your co-workers, etc. (You cannot secretly record conversations in Massachusetts.)
  3. Ask your co-workers if they are having similar problems and form a committee to address them.
  4. Contact the Downtown Workers Center and schedule an intake appointment. The DWC will work with you and your co-workers as you consider how to respond or take a group action: negotiating with your employer, taking direct action, filing grievances, contacting the appropriate government agency, or exploring legal relief.