Know Your Rights

These rights apply to all workers - regardless of immigration status (unless otherwise stated).

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It is against the law to fire or discipline a worker for:

  1. Taking part in collective action at the workplace by forming a committee, organizing a union, or other group actions that address working conditions or workplace injustices;
  2. Complaining about job related issues to co-workers, customers, supervisors, and even the press if two or more workers take part as long as you do not to attack the quality of the employer’s goods or services;
  3. Walking off the job with co-workers in protest of working conditions, unless prohibited by union contract;
  4. Wearing work-related protest buttons, distributing leaflets, submitting petitions, organizing letter-writing campaigns, picketing, or even refusing to work as long as the protest concerns a job matter, does not use obscene language and does not attack the quality of the employer’s goods or services. Most employers have rules limiting distribution of leaflets and solicitation to non-working areas during non-working time.